Best denim jackets for summer

denim jackets for summer

Here at YUNION T HQ we love a denim jacket for summer. Let us count the ways…

Often, as a busy working mum I leave the house before 8am – even if I know it’s going to be the sunniest of days, it’s great having something light I can throw over my t-shirt to add an extra layer before the sun is up. In fact this is me, last week at the pop-up – my trusty denim jacket got me from leafy Hampshire to bustling Portobello Road; through grey days and sunnier spells. I wouldn’t be without it!

Denim jackets can down-play an item in the best way – they can make dresses look more casual and shirts less formal. Meaning you can get more wear out of ALL your wardrobe, rather than saving some items for ‘best’.

Denim jackets are super hard-wearing (the original workwear) and can be worn all-year round. Layered under heavier coats during winter and for those ‘between wardrobe’ weeks when we’re never sure what the weather will hold!

Denim is a neutral; making a denim jacket a super-versatile addition to your wardrobe – with floral dresses, statement skirts or bold prints – it will always ‘go’. Even the old ‘double denim’ no-no can be avoided with layering different washes and coloured denims…

Here’s a pick of some great high-street and high-end options:


This is the one I’m wearing above, from Zara. It’s great as it’s got a bit of stretch in it, I like the lighter wash for summer, too (£25.99, Zara)







zadig and voltaire denim jacket

I love the practical zip option on this slightly longer line jacket from Zadig & Voltaire (£305, Zadig & Voltaire).
The shirt style is a great option for layering under coats come autumn, making the cost per wear more affordable.








Mango pink denim jacket


This summer has seen a rainbow of coloured denim jackets on the market, from bold pops of colour to ice cream pastels. A fun, inexpensive way to dip into this trend would be this fuschia option from Mango (£29.99, Mango) – a great pairing with one of our perfect fit white t-shirts.








Just like our LTD Collection is a rift on the classic t-shirt silhouette – I love how Gap have updated the denim jacket this season with this ruffle detail hemline on their white denim jacket (£54.95, Gap). An impractical shade perhaps, but a fantastic addition to any holiday wardrobe for someone looking for a seasonal update with a twist.






We hope you are enjoy our styling posts – is there anything else you’d like to see an edit of – workwear? maxi dresses? Let us know!

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