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Mindful Wardrobe Resolutions for 2020

Are you having a January detox of the wardrobe variety? Have you made some fashion resolutions this New Year to shop more mindfully this year and only invest in those pieces that will spark joy and last? If you are making strides away from fast fashion and towards a more sustainable style this year – here are our 5 tips to get you there:

Make do and mend

Do you have a section of your wardrobe that you don’t wear because it needs a hem fixing or a button replacing? Either upskill and learn to fix them yourself (many haberdashery stores offer workshops for beginners) or find a local alterations service who can do minor mends for a small fee. If we start to see our wardrobe pieces as items that we need to ‘maintain and repair’, rather than discard as soon as they show signs of wear, we will naturally buy less and wear our wardrobes more. 

Swap Shop

We’re all guilty of hanging on to items we love that just don’t work, or don’t fit! Why not arrange a ‘swap shop’ evening or brunch amongst friends as a way of ‘re-homing’ your unloved pieces and finding some new ones! A great, simple way to try this is to stick to one item – dresses for example – set up a rail and operate a ‘one for one’ policy, bring one dress to the party (washed and pressed) and take a different one home that you will love and wear.

Do a wardrobe inventory
We’re not saying you need a spreadsheet (we MIGHT have a spreadsheet) – but even if it’s just a ‘mental inventory’ toting up exactly how many ‘black cardigans’ you have might help you spot your ‘saturation points’ – and also the gaps in your wardrobe that need filling. You might not need any more floral dresses, but add in just one or two long-sleeve tees and you can instantly wear those floral dresses layered over the top, all-year-round.

Check a brand on Good on You app

Education is key when it comes to making informed decisions on where you want to spend your fashion cash – yet trawling through a brand’s ‘sustainability policy’ not to mention a rise in ‘greenwashing’ marketing spiel – it can be difficult for the average consumer to gauge a brand’s ‘true colours’ when it comes to ethical credentials. We love the Good on You app as it does all the deep-diving research for you; simply type in any brand (high street or independent) and check out their rating – from use of sustainable fabrics to fair pay and environmental impact.

When you do buy new, buy YOU
When you’re shopping, online or in-store – do a mental wardrobe scan, ‘what would I wear this with? Do I have something similar in my wardrobe already?’ – if you buy pieces that don’t fit in to your current wardrobe and match with items you already own, chances are you won’t wear them. Think about the pieces you have bought in the past and worn to death – what was it about them that you loved? Was it the colour? Fabric? Shape? Slowly build a tight edit of shapes, colours and fabrics that work for you and wear well together. Not only will it make dressing in the morning quicker and easier, it will ensure you get the max. number of wears out of your wardrobe.

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