6 styling tips: for dressing a larger bust size

flattering shapes for bigger busts

We are all for boyfriend shirts, oversized cashmere jumpers and floaty boho dresses… but when you have larger boobs, you need to think about dressing to emphasize, rather than disguise your assets, if you want to flatter a larger bust.

While there is a fine line between flattering and ‘pin-up’, we want to show you how you can dress your chest without it looking x-rated, but while avoiding the matronly look, too.

Fashion, especially catwalk trends, can often feel like it’s designed for a much flatter silhouette – designs that don’t accommodate a bra, or wouldn’t frankly keep a generous cup-size under wraps are great for 6ft waifs (or on the hanger) but if you are trying to dress curves, forget it. Rather than getting frustrated about all the designs you CAN’T wear, here are some style tips to guide your wardrobe choices and flatter your shape…

1/ Good foundations – we have done a ‘5 of the best: t-shirt bras’ post and we cannot re-iterate enough how important the foundations of any outfit are.

2/ Dress for your shape – this may seem obvious but it’s tempting to be swayed by the latest neckline or trend, rather than what fundamentally flatters your body shape. Get to know your shape and identify the parts you want to highlight (always harder than finding the bits we hate!) and play up to those. It may be that to balance out your boobs you need to look for designs that cinch in the waist for example.

3/ Choose your neckline. Polonecks and high necklines in general are best swerved, to avoid ‘the shelf’ – go for a scoop or v-neck to visually reduce your chest area and draw the eye down to create a longer silhouette. It’s all about tricks of the eye. Avoid any unnecessary frills or volume around the neck and bustline for obvious reasons. Our peplum waist limited collection t-shirt is a great design detail for balancing out a larger chest.

4/ Don’t rule out vintage. Vintage clothes get a bad rap for being super small but if you’re petite with a larger bust they might be the perfect flattering cut for you. Forget 70s boho, but 50s and 60s clothes were tailored to accomodate curves with proper darting and waisting – all design details that will flatter your shape.

5/Make Lycra your friend. We’re not saying jump into a catsuit, but look for clothes that offer a ‘Lycra blend’ – from shirts to our own t-shirts – justĀ having that bit of flex will avoid any gaping or straining across the chest area.

6. Don’t avoid prints all-together. Typically, people are told to ‘steer clear’ of prints if they have boobs but we disagree. Choose them wisely and perhaps keep them to your bottom half, teamed with a slimming black tee, or go for a more delicate pattern to embrace the print trend.

We hope these tips have been useful! If you are unsure which t-shirt will be the most flattering fit for you, call or email us and we’ll be happy to guide you on sizing and fit.

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