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How to Assemble the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

When you have a hectic schedule most of the time, the last thing you want to have to do is waste what time you do have on trivial things like assembling outfits throughout the week. Mornings are certainly busy enough without having to take time away to find something to wear. Those who find themselves in such a scenario regularly might consider switching to what is called a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is when you purchase your clothes with the general idea that each piece can be mixed and matched together. This is different from simply buying individual outfits all the time. When you switch to a capsule wardrobe, you do not only gain a lot of versatility with your pieces, but you can always find a top to go with the skirt that you want to wear on a given day. The simplicity, versatility, and ease of a capsule wardrobe will quickly switch your morning outfit assembly from frustrating to painless.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you to assemble the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Find Your Base Colour

The first thing to do when you set out to assemble a capsule wardrobe is to select a base colour. This is the neutral that you will use as the baseline for the other colours and patterns that you purchase as you go along. You will want to choose a darker colour such as navy blue or black for your base as these will be the simplest to complement with other pieces.

It is important not to go overboard as you don’t want a wardrobe entirely black or blue. Instead, start by finding some basic t shirts women and a few other pieces. This way, you can use these pieces to find the other, more personalized pieces that will make your capsule wardrobe all your own.

Choose an Accent Colour

Although not an essential component of a capsule wardrobe, choosing an accent colour is a fun way to add extra variety and a personal touch to your look. It can be easy to accidentally build a capsule wardrobe that is on the generic side of things. However, an accent colour can be a simple way to avoid this mistake.

Find a colour that you love to wear. It is best to go with something vibrant that adds a bit of pop to your overall look, although jewel tones can work well too if that is more your taste. Ensure that your accent colour doesn’t clash with your base colour or any of the complimentary neutrals that you go with.

Save Accessories for Last

Anyone who loves accessories might find this last tip difficult; however, the key to accessorizing your capsule wardrobe properly is to save accessories and shoes for last. The reason for taking this approach to your accessories is the simple fact that if you look to build an outfit from an accessory, then it is very likely that the same accessory won’t work well with another outfit.