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How we create the ultimate non-see through white t-shirt

It was after another fruitless search of the high street for a non-see through t-shirt that the seed was sown to start my own t-shirt brand. One that I didn't need to wear a cami under if I didn't want my bra showing and that's before I added 'would keep it's shape, colour and last more than 2 washes' to the wishlist. I know it's difficult to test a t-shirt's opacity online, so I thought I'd share a bit more about the research and development that has gone into creating our 100% non-see through t-shirts.

non see through white t shirt

It has been a long process and one I have refused to compromise on. T-shirts should be able to be worn as a stand-alone item and that comes down to both the fit, so we feel comfortable without a layer on top, but also in the weave of the fabric, that it is thick enough to provide 100% coverage. Taking into account opacity, stretch, fit and feel takes a lot of testing! I finally found a fabric manufacturer in Nottingham that could provide me with the right weight of cotton, with a shot of lycra to achieve the comfortable, flattering fit I wanted our t-shirts to be known for. T-shirts are not all made equally, something I've learnt after years of testing and sampling. What I've also noticed is that it price isn't an indicator of quality. I've tried £15 and £150 t-shirts and a more expensive price tag doesn't guarantee a flattering fit, opacity and a t-shirt that will last.

100% non see through t shirts

For me, sourcing the right fabric wasn't just about the comfort and fit but I also wanted to find a fabric that would keep its shape, not develop holes or wear after a few washes. Our premium jersey really does stand up to the rigorous testing we put it through to ensure our t-shirts are an all-year round staple that lasts and won't end up in land-fill after one season.

A question I get asked a lot is, being 100% non-see through, are they thick? The answer in short is no. Yes, they are a premium weight cotton, so feel luxurious to wear but they're not bulky, so are still perfect for layering.

premium white t shirts

Another question I get asked - can you wear a coloured bra under them. Yes! we have tested all our tees with coloured lingerie underneath and they stand the test! As I've said, it's hard to test a t-shirts fit and opacity without trying it on, which is why we offer a 14-day no-quibble returns policy.

If you ever have any questions about the fit or quality of our tees, do get in touch. We are a small West Sussex based team and are more than happy to help you find your perfect tee - email us on

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