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How to Dress Up a Casual Outfit

It can be very beneficial to get the most out of each clothing item, including when you can use items for many different occasions. Dressing up casual outfits into more formal ones can be tricky, but if you get the knack of it, it can help you to buy less and use more, and also spend a little extra on the items you do buy to ensure they're of high quality, ethical, and sustainable.

Here is a guide for dressing up casual clothing items to suit any occasion.

Use Accessories

The right accessories can easily transform an outfit. Even if you have a plain and simple top, it can seem more elegant with the right necklace, for example. Accessories can set the tone for an outfit, so if you do have a plain and casual outfit, accessories can be the way to make it more eye-catching, busier, and a little more glam. Think necklaces and earrings in particular (both or either) for bringing out more of a style, but you can add finishing touches with bracelets and rings, too — whatever matches your style.

You can also bring focus on accessories with additional items such as a formal handbag or belt in your style.

Buy Staple Items

There are some key fashion items that are a must for every wardrobe because they can be worn in many different ways. This could include a pair of black jeans, a little black dress, a smart blazer, or a white t-shirt.

Having these staple items means you can wear them within many different outfits and layer them in different ways. A white t-shirt can become more formal underneath a blazer; or, you can even get white t-shirts specifically tailored to provide a more formal look while keeping that casual feel, like white designer women's T-shirts which provide more of a flattering shape.

Jeans can become more formal with the right shoes and top to match. There's always a way to accessorise and have flexibility with staple wardrobe items.

Switch Up Your Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup can set the tone for a piece without you having to change anything about your outfit. A formal hairstyle, as opposed to a casual style, can easily make your entire look seem more dressed up. Your makeup could switch from casual and natural to a little bolder, such as using a dark lip or eye makeup, to give your look a more evening feel as opposed to daytime.

Choose the Right Shoes

If you're wearing casual trousers and a t-shirt with flat running shoes, this is a comfortable daytime look. If you wear the same outfit with heeled shoes or boots, this instantly changes everything — without much effort! The right shoes can switch an outfit for a specific occasion and make it classier or more formal by introducing heeled shoes.

Final Thoughts

Knowing these techniques can be beneficial in getting the most out of your clothes, as well as being able to have fun experimenting with different accessorising techniques. At YUNION T, we understand all about redefining casual clothes to give them a more luxurious feel, so feel free to get in touch with our team for advice today.