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Style Fixer: Best t-shirts to flatter your figure

When designing YUNION T's bespoke t-shirt pattern before launch, my sole aim was to create a t-shirt that made women, regardless of shape or size, feel confident and comfortable in what they wore. They could slip it on and forget about it - a simple t-shirt that made them feel good and flattered their body.

It's a common misconception that to 'disguise' the bits we are self-conscious about (note: this isn't a size issue, women of all shapes and sizes can feel self-conscious!), we feel we need to swamp them with fabric. Not so. Wearing an oversize t-shirt in an attempt to 'cover up' will only make you appear larger than you are. The cut of YUNION T's t-shirts is designed to 'skim not cling' - in other words, it's not skin-tight but it smooths over any lumps and bumps, rather than highlighting them, the thicker gauge fabric creates a universally flattering silhouette, whether you're an 8 or an 18.

Women are often worried that the shot of lycra added to our cotton tees will make them super form-fitting, at only 2% it isn't like wearing activewear! It simply gives the tees a beautiful shape and helps them move responsively with your body - we've all put those tops on in the morning and then spent the rest of the day self-consciously tugging at the hem line or neckline as we're aware of the fit. An added bonus is that they don't crease - whether you're packing them in your suitcase or commuting to work, they stay looking great all day.

When women approach me at fairs and ask for my recommendations on the best shape t-shirt to flatter their body shape, these are my go-to styles:

Best t-shirt shape to disguise a large bust

best t-shirt for big boobs

Always a v-neck, or a deep scoop. Anything high-neck will create a 'shelf' effect. Rather than 'displaying your assets' a v-neck or scoop actually balances reduces the amount of fabric on your chest, giving the illusion of a smaller bust. BONUS: our thicker gauge, luxury cotton is 100% non see through, so you can wear your brightest (or darkest!) bra, and it still won't show - even under our white tees.

Best t-shirt shape for the arm-conscious

best t-shirt to disguise arms

I have cut all the patterns for my short-sleeve tees to finish at precisely the most flattering point on your arms. Finishing slightly longer, and with a bit of extra width, they elongate and slim arms. If you're really self-consious we have the 3/4 flared sleeve and 3/4 gathered cuff that finish at the elbow.

Best t-shirt to flatter your tummy

t-shirt style to disguise tummy

As I mentioned - our signature fabric used across all our designs has been created to skim over any lumps and bumps you might feel self-conscious about. Including the tummy area. If you are an apple shape, I would suggest sizing up to ensure the most comfortable fit. If you're looking to distract from your mid area, opt for a sleeve or shoulder detail, like our frill shoulder LTD Collection design to draw attention away.

If you have any questions about fit or styles to suit you, find me on Instagram @yunion_t or email me directly, - happy t-shirt hunting!